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“I have always worked closely with children and families,”

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Ninder Thind – conservative candidate from Brampton West

Ninder Thind was born in Toronto and has lived in Peel since the age of 5. After completing her studies in Early Childhood Education she served as a Teacher and Principal in Brampton. Ninder has also served with the Family Health Department for the Region of Peel, helping high-risk families and children.

Ninder has devoted most of her life helping others in need by getting involved in various different non-profit and charitable organizations in the region of Peel, including The Canadian Cancer Society, Salvation Army, and Scouts Canada. She also serves as the Director of the World Sewa Medical Charitable Foundation which provides free eye care to the underprivileged in developing countries.

Ninder has been recognized for her service, dedication, and commitment while serving in her various professions. She has previously worked for the Government of Canada as an office manager for a Brampton Member of Parliament.

Ninder resides in Peel with her family and is a proud mother of 10-year-old son Gurjaap. In an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections, the conservative candidate from Brampton West Ninder Thind shares

  1. What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. A. Over the course of this election I have knocked on thousands of doors, and the residents of Brampton West are telling me that their priorities are similar to my own – a stable economy, low taxes and job security. This Conservative Government has fulfilled our promise to Canadians, balancing our budget 1 year ahead of schedule, putting us currently in a surplus. Since the depth of the global recession 1.3 million net new jobs have been created, which are largely full-time private sector jobs in high-wage industries. We are making record investments in infrastructure, lowering taxes and delivering support for families. The NDP and Liberals want to hike taxes and spend money we don’t have. Residents of Brampton West believe we need a government that can manage the economy, and we’ve seen that under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
  1. If conservatives are given a chance to come back to power, what would be one area in which you would like Conservatives to improve its record?
  2. In my previous roles as teacher, principal and with the Region of Peel, I have always worked closely with children and families, and they will continue to remain a priority for me. I am proud of the Conservative Government’s record of delivering for families. Just this year, we expanded the Universal Child Care benefit, putting more money back in the pockets of hard-working parents. We doubled the Child Fitness Tax Credit, increased the limits for the Tax Free Savings Account and introduced pension income splitting. Our Government will also continue to protect our children with a plan to keep communities safe and crack down on criminals. We will look to doubling funding for Child Advocacy Centres which lead the prosecution and treatment of crimes against children, extending child victim services outside urban centres and funding research into the “invisible” economic and social damage inflicted on victims of crime. A re-elected Harper government will also quickly pass the “Life Means Life” Act and the Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act.
  3. What would you do to make Canada better for Immigrants?
  4. A. The Conservative government has a strong record on immigration, and I look forward to continuing this work with them. More immigrants became citizens under Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government last year than ever before in Canadian history. Citizenship applications are now being processed in under a year, compared to over a year and a half under the Liberals. Faster processing times are as a result of Conservative government investments that funded better technology and increased processing staff, as well as changes in Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, that make the system more efficient than ever before. I am proud of the Conservative government’s commitment to improving and strengthening our immigration system, and as Member of Parliament I will continue this important work for the residents of Brampton West.



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