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Healthcare program to secure …….?

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Published on June 21, 2019 with No Comments

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has unveiled the NDP’s vision for Canada and his commitments to Canadians in “A New Deal for People”. Jagmeet Singh has set out an agenda that appears to be bold and shows the vision with which the NDP may work with, if elected to form a government at the Federal level. Jagmeet Singh has described this as “ a new deal for Canadians where we take better care of one another by reinvesting in people with public services people can count on.” He has announced a new deal for healthcare – starting with universal pharmacare and going to a “head to toe health care system”.

While announcing so, NDP leader Jagmmet Singh made a reference to life getting harder in Canada and how the choices for the Canadians were showing a diminishing return. “We hear the worry in people’s voices — life keeps getting harder. The services we count on, like health care, are being cut and squeezed and medicine gets more expensive. A decade of Conservative underinvestment has hurt our public health care system and the Liberal approach of endless delays isn’t delivering the results that Canadians need,” said Singh. “We believe that we need to work towards a health care system that covers us from head to toe. Under our plan, Canadians will see a historic expansion of the services covered under our national health care system for the 21st century.”

The deal so announced by the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh aims at expanding the health care system that could attract the prospective voters and even the doctor. Each family in Canada could save more than $ 500 a year. Though health care has mainly been a province subject, but the NDP has assured that it could work together with provincial partners and health professionals to expand the health care system and develop a long-term roadmap to including dental care, eye care, hearing care, mental health care, seniors care and more in the Canada Health Act. Canadians have had to pay for the above mentioned part of the healthcare. Jagmeet Singh while announcing the new program reminded Canadians that they have been living with a healthcare program that has been designed and implemented by Liberals and Conservatives, and also reminded them that these governments have been doing “less for the people”. “The stress that families carry, the worry that keeps people up at night, and the pressure people feel as costs keep tightening the family budget – is all caused by the choices made by Liberal and Conservative governments to do less and less for people. When push comes to shove, Justin Trudeau chose to help big corporations and his wealthy friends, and make everyday Canadians pay for it,” added Singh. “If we want better results, we need to make different choices. New Democrats are committed to building a country that works better for every day, hard-working people – not just for those at the very top.”

Jagmeet’s announcement centres around “his commitment to invest in making life better for all Canadians”. The new healthcare “head to toe program,” would come with a cost attached to the exchequer and that may not be an easy task for any government, as for each patient treated a doctor would be reimbursed by the government. And for opto, and dental, since the Canadians have been paying on their own, they have been cautious in seeking an appointment with the concerned doctor. However, now even in the slightest of the distress they may be approaching their doctors, therapist etc. Jagmeet Singh has said that a massive multibillion dollar federal spending push that would be fuelled in part by increased corporate taxes and the creation of a new wealth tax on net worth over $20 million. However, will that be enough to fund the program? Perhaps not. The program seems difficult to be implemented but a good one to fetch votes for the party. Right now 20% of Canadians pay 80% of the tax and there is no applicable tax below $28,000 income i.e. 40% of Canadian pay no income tax. An increase may fund the program to an extent and for a period but it will hurt the economy hard. Also, such a massive program isn’t possible without investment in infrastructure and manpower. However, Jagmeet Singh has not put forth any plan for the same. With no concrete plan, the program so proposed by the party appears to be aiming at just securing votes.


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