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Game of 72- The terrifying new Facebook craze???

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Published on May 15, 2015 with No Comments

By Manasi Joseph

A new game called “Game of 72” that has been doing the rounds in social media, which encourages young people to disappear/vanish without any contact to anyone for 72 hours, is allegedly the emerging craze among the teens that is likely to cause a major headache for parent’s police and the community.
Although no cases related to Game of 72 have been reported in Canada, Halton Police, recently issued a warning about this online prank and requested parents to be aware of it and asked them to educate their children not to indulge or participate in the social-media fuelled fad called Game of 72.
Game of 72 allegedlystarted in France. So far only a 13 – year old girl from France, who went missing for three days, after playing the game is the only confirmed case in connection with the Gameof 72. According to a report that appeared in Daily Mail, the girl who was found later did not disclose to the police where she disappeared to but only revealed that she participated in the Game of 72.
No need to panic yet
There have been widespread media coverage on Game of 72. Right from Fox to Daily Mail including Yahoo and Huffington Post wrote about it. Police departments from Massachusetts to Vancouver have issued warnings regarding it.
Despite, reports that the latest Facebook fad (Game of 72) which involves youngsters disappearing and going off radar for 72 hours without leaving any trace, have been doing rounds in Europe, there is no solid evidence to suggest how many youngsters actually play this game.
In fact some even challenge the very existence of Game of 72. Besides one 13 year old girl in France who claimed to have played the “Game”, there is no concrete evidence that anyone has ever played this game itself.
The most surprising aspect is that authorities are unable to trace them online, all they could discover is some posts on Facebook with the hashtag # Game of 72 frompanicked parents, warning each other about the game.


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