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Published on July 17, 2015 with No Comments

Road Safety Services Reminds Drivers to “Steer It, Clear It”

Whenever there is a collision, the odds increase significantly that a secondary collision could occur if vehicles are not moved out of traffic.  These secondary collisions can have tragic results.

If you’re involved in a collision on a ramp or in a live lane of travel on a highway or roadway, Peel Regional Police, Road Safety Services suggests the following to help ensure your safety:

If no one is injured, damage is minor, without a significant amount of debris, and your vehicle is capable of being driven, then move the vehicle out of traffic when it is safe to do so in order to avoid further collisions with other vehicles on the road. Park your vehicle in a safe area such as the shoulder or an adjacent parking area, where you can safely exchange information or wait for police if they are required to attend.  For safety reasons, stay with your vehicle.

“Steer It, Clear It” allows other traffic to keep moving, and also allows emergency services personnel to reach you faster.

Drivers are reminded that any collision involving injuries, damage in excess of $1000.00 or damage to any public property on the roadway or highway must be reported to police.

When exchanging information drivers should obtain the involved person’s name, phone number, driver’s licence and insurance information as well as the make, model and year of the vehicle involved.

Acting Inspector Mike Donnelly says “We have all been in that long line of traffic just to find a minor collision at the end of it with the drivers standing outside of their cars looking at the scratches on their bumpers. These are the fender benders we want people to move off of the roadway for everyone’s safety.”

Road safety is no accident and it’s a shared responsibility. With the ever increasing demands on our roadways it is paramount that we all do our part to prevent collisions and congestion.  Please drive safely and courteously.

For further information, please contactActing Inspector Mike Donnelly, 905-453-2121, ext. 3701, or Michael.donnelly@peelpolice.ca


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