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Elections Canada set to eliminate 100,000 non-citizens from voters registry

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Published on May 07, 2019 with No Comments

Elections Canada has identified and is set to eliminate some 103,000 people from the federal voters register who have been determined to be on the list illegally because they are not Canadian citizens.

Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault told the Senate National Finance Committee that his office has identified these names on the registered list of qualified electors and will be removing them before the 2019 federal election. It is not clear how many of these people could have fraudulently cast a ballot in the 2015 campaign, though the register these names appear on is what informs the voter lists, meaning they could have received voter identification cards telling them they were eligible to vote. However, a voter information card alone cannot be used as a valid piece of identification at the polls. Though, Perrault said that the priority for now is cleaning up the list for the coming campaign. “We will have tools that we didn’t have in the past to monitor that,” he said, including tracking who voted through a new electronic list. “We will be able to follow up after the election and check if people have attempted to vote or voted while being non-citizens.”

It is illegal for non-citizens to vote, or apply to register to vote if they know that they are not eligible. The federal register of electors is informed by multiple information sources, including provincial elections lists. Perrault said that over 40,000 of these names have been on the list since 1997, and others could have showed up over the years in variety of ways, but one big source Elections Canada is looking at are provincial lists. “To ensure the accuracy of the register, Elections Canada regularly draws on multiple data sources from over 40 provincial and federal bodies as well as from information provided directly by Canadians,” Perrault told the committee.


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