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Election watch-Riding Watch –Scarborough South West This time we have three interviews

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Since being elected as Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest in 2011, Dan Harris has been fighting for hardworking, middle-class families—and he’s ready to get the job done as part of a Mulcair-led federal government.

Dan was honoured in May 2011 to be named deputy critic for Science and Technology by Jack Layton. Under Tom Mulcair, Dan was named deputy critic for Industry in 2012, and in 2013 he took on the role of NDP critic for Post-Secondary Education. Dan has been a community and political activist since 1995. He has long been a voice for affordable housing, social justice, economic reform and affordable childcare. He is a vibrant member of Scarborough Southwest’s athletic community. Since 1994, he has been a player, coach, sponsor and member of the executive of the Birchmount Baseball league. Dan and his family have a strong history of military service and are strong advocates for veterans. A member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 (Oakridge) in Scarborough, he is a great-grandson, grandson and nephew to WWI and WWII veterans. Dan’s private member’s bill to make Remembrance Day a legal statutory holiday across Canada received widespread support from all parties and passed second reading in 2014. Dan grew up in the east end of Toronto. His family has resided in Scarborough since the 1920s and has been active with local New Democrats dating back to Stephen Lewis. Dan lives in the Scarborough Junction, in the heart of Scarborough Southwest. Dan Harris in an exclusive interview with The Weekly Asian Connections shares

  1. What are the top three core areas of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. One of the most important issues in the riding of Scarborough Southwest is the economy. Over the past four years we’ve seen families working harder, but falling further behind. We’ve seen high paying manufacturing jobs disappear only to be replaced by low wage and precarious employment. It is time for a government in Ottawa that understands that and works to fix it.

Another important issue is civil liberties. Stephen Harper’s dangerous spy bill – C-51 , which was supported by the Liberals –will allow massive expansion of our security apparatus without the necessary overview necessary to stop abuse of power. Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau think that Canadians should have to choose between being free and being safe – that’s a false choice. We can and must be both free and safe.I also think that the issues facing veterans in our riding and across the country are very important. In addition to introducing a bill to make Remembrance Day a legal holiday, I’ve also advocated tirelessly for veterans who have been neglected by the current government in Ottawa.

  1. What as per you in one area in which Conservatives under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper could have done better?

A Stephen Harper has failed to deliver on the economy. Canadians are not better off than they four years ago, they are worse off. Stephen Harper is the only Canadian Prime Minister when asked about a recession under his watch, can reply with the answer of “Which one?” It is time for change. It is time for corporations to pay their fair share of taxes and for an economy that works for all Canadians, not just the wealthiest among us.

  1. How will the state of immigration affairs be different if the NDP comes to power at Ottawa?

AThe NDP will change the deeply flawed Bill C-24 – the Conservatives second class citizen bill. It is contrary to the fundamental values of Canadian’s to have two classes of citizens and this bill reflects the Conservative government’s xenophobic and backwards attitude to new Canadians. We also want to work to speed up the family reunification process so that new Canadians can be reunited with loved ones faster.


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