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Election watch – Mississauga Streetsville- Reunification of families as the main priority of the Canadian immigration policy

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Published on September 25, 2015 with No Comments

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Fayaz Karim grew up in community work and believes in civic responsibility. “Now, I have the education, but also the business, political and life experience to get the job done and make Ottawa work for All Canadians, not just well connected insiders,” highlights the NDP Canadiate from Mississauga-Streetsville Fayaz Karim.

As a former entrepreneur, Fayaz understands the important role that small businesses play in creating well-paying, middle-class jobs—and would make supporting them central to his work as our next MP.

In recent years, Fayaz has shifted his focus to community advocacy work, building bridges among different cultures, nationalities and communities. He is an executive member of the Peel Poverty Action Group and serves on the board of directors of the Union Housing group. “I know the value of hard work, I understand living within your means and I understand the responsibilities that come with being in government. I understand standing up for your principles and integrity in government. That’s why I am your best choice for Mississauga-Streetsville,” shares Fayaz Karim in an exclusively interview with The Weekly Asian Connections.

  1. What are the top three coreissues of your riding that you would like to address?
  2. There are more than three top core issues. Theeconomy,transit and affordable housing. Economic prosperity for all citizens can be achieved through proper regulation, strategic investments in both physical and social infrastructure and a long-term sustainable economic growth strategy. The NDP is that party. It is a party that will invest in your priorities and get Canada on track. The federal Department of Finance’s own reports show that NDP governments are the best at balancing the books when in office and we even delivered healthcare with that.
  1. One important issue that NDP Leader Tom Mulcair should address during campaign that you think can give NDP a competitive advantage?
  2. Bill C51. This bill fundamentally undermines the civil liberties of every Canadian. Amnesty International called it a “human rights setback for Canada.” Former prime ministers and legal scholars are against it. We voted against it and will repeal it if we form government.
  1. What would you do to make Canada better for Immigrants?
  2. We can start with getting rid ofBill C24. We also believe in promoting the reunification of families as the main priority of the Canadian immigration policy. We will work with the provinces and territories to recognize foreign diploma and professional credentials.

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