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Conservative Candidate Arpan Khanna Hosts Mental Health Talk with Youth

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Published on May 01, 2019 with No Comments

On Saturday April 27th, Arpan Khanna, Conservative MP Candidate for Brampton North held a Mental Health Talk at Dairy Queen with youth from our community. The event had a huge turnout of youth who are concerned about mental health issues. Issues from drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and anxiety were all discussed.

In Canada, 1 out of 5 individuals develop some sort of mental health illness every year. Mental health can affect anyone, regardless of ones age, race, gender or social status. Despite the rise, there is very minimal being done to address it. There is lack of information on where to seek help and in many cases; those affected face the challenges alone.

Arpan shared his personal story and said more needs to be done to end the stigma on mental health, called for an increase in support for community programs and the need for everyone to work together to create a positive environment for youth. Emphasis also needs to be placed on educating parents and families.

Arpan assured the attendees that he will continue to advocate for this issue on the national stage as it is close to his heart and as it has come up as a top issue with youth during his campaign.

Arpan also brought in expert guest speakers to educate the youth on how to deal with mental health including SOCH, a grassroots mental health organization that held a workshop with the participants.

“When I decided to seek public office, I had made a commitment that I would not only raise the issues that matter to our community the most but also actively work to find solutions. This is the first event of many more to come with the goal of empowering our youth so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.” – Arpan Khanna, Conservative Candidate – Brampton North

With Mental Health Week approaching, Arpan was also selected to be a panellist at IFFSA’s Social Impact event that will be discussing mental health issues in our community on May 14th.


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