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Coach Fernando returns after a successful coaching tour in South America

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Published on July 03, 2015 with No Comments

Coach Fernando a prominent badminton coach in Brampton is ‘going places’ as a
professional badminton coach. Known as Coach Fernando in Canada he established his own ‘World class’ coaching academy 10 years ago, known as ‘Fernando’s Youth Badminton Academy’. He recently returned after a successful coaching tour to Costa Rica & Colombia in Central & South America. He was invited by the respective badminton associations of these countries to conduct high performance training programs for their national teams. “Badminton is at a ‘growth stage’ in these countries and I am proud to be associated with them to take the sport to the next level. Soccer is their national sport and I have developed a plan to promote badminton with the younger generation to make it popular. In addition I have also identified few players and have been training them to take the leadership roles and coach badminton in schools, clubs etc. This program is known as ‘train the trainer’ program”. Coach also played exhibition games in Costa Rica with the men’s and women’s national champion. Coach said that this is the second visit to Costa Rica and he has invitations from countries such as Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua etc to conduct training programs. “Balancing time is crucial with my work, badminton
activities and family “ said Coach Fernando who has over 47 years of experience

in the sport and still trains him-self for world masters level championships. Coach
Fernando says that his tour was all possible due to the generous sponsorship he received from the Marketing Director of World Financial Group, Canada INC
Bhupesh Sharma.Coach Fernando says it is an honour for Canada as well as for him to be invited by several countries and he says he has worked hard towards getting certified in badminton coaching (NCCP) National Coaching Certification program and also visiting countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Denmark to upgrade on the latest training methods in badminton coaching.
For more information visit www.fernandosbadminton.com


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