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Canadian Development Agency Cancels 1.5-Million-Dollar Critical Fundraising Events

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Published on March 21, 2020 with No Comments

At this moment, there are over 1.1 billion media mentions of COVID-19. Canadians are nervous about their health, the economy and the events they were looking forward to, including charity gatherings.

But so far, there’s no mention of the massive impact of COVID-19 for non-profit organizations.

While we work to protect ourselves in Canada, the question of who will protect the world’s most vulnerable people remains. 

For HOPE International, as well as many other organizations, spring fundraising events often serve as a main tool in raising awareness and critical funds for life-saving programming for marginalized and vulnerable populations. With COVID-19 being marked a pandemic, HOPE International Development Agency has made the financially devastating decision to cancel their six fundraising dinners, slated to raise 1.5 million dollars, across Canada in an effort to protect Canadians from contracting the virus.


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