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Brampton registers its protest on Bill C-51

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Published on March 20, 2015 with No Comments

Bramptonians expressed their deep anguish over proposed Bill C-51 and resolved to fight tooth and nail until this Bill is not withdrawn by the conservative Harper Government. They gathered at the office of local conservative MP Parm Gill’s office in Brampton at the call given by Communist Party of Canada. They were also joined by North American Rationalist Society Ontario, Indo-Canadian Worker’s Association, Environment and Human Right Activist etc.

March 14 was declared a National Action Day to oppose Harper Govt’s bid to pass the draconian bill C-51 by a Coalition for Peace, that include left and democratic forces, civil society, legal community etc  throughout Canada.

Speaking on this occasion; Leader of the Communist Party Ontario Liz Rowley told the gathering that CPC was the first political party to oppose this bill outside the parliament where as NDP remained tight lipped for complete 20 days on this issue and castigated NDP for their stand on C-51 as they made it clear not to repeal this ACT in case they came in power. She said, every Canadian is protected by a habeas corpus that police cannot arrest anyone unless they convinced a judicial authority but C-51 will removed this hard earned habeas corpus once it become a law. She reminded the act of police atrocities during 1960s, 1970s when they came after political, trade union activists and notoriously burnt barns in Quebec. Now, Harper Government creating an atmosphere of fear amongst Canadian and proposed this bill C-51 in the name of saving Canadians but in fact, their intent is to muzzle all democratic, civil rights, human rights, environmentalist, and aboriginal leaders. She lauded the lone voice of opposition in the parliament Elizabeth May of Green Party. Dr. Baljinder Sekhon, President of North American Rationalist Society said, freedom, liberty can never be compromised in any democratic country and expressed his apprehensions, that once C-51 came in force, Canada will become a Police State. Canadians will lose their hard earned democracy if Harper Government was allowed to make it a law. He reminded his experience of India, when Indian State turned Punjab province into a Police State and State machinery literally repressed civil and democratic rights of civilians in the name of fighting terrorism. Surjit Sahota, Secretary of Indo Canadian Workers Association came down heavily on the Conservative Harper government since they are now trying to control Canadians by dictating them code of conduct.


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