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Boris Johnson delivers his five-point plan to Brussels

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Published on October 06, 2019 with No Comments

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled his five-point plan to end the Brexit deadlock.

Prime Minister Johnson hailed his proposals as a “fair and reasonable compromise” as he also rallied the Tory faithful by declaring Britain was ready to go it alone.

Boris  Johnson told the tory party conference in Manchester,  “Yes, this is a compromise by the UK. And I hope very much that our friends understand that and compromise in their turn.”

But his ideas were rebuffed by Ireland leader Leo Varadkar whose support is needed to get a deal. He said: “What we are hearing is not encouraging and would not be the basis for agreement.”

Johnson’s five points, set out in a letter to the EU, are: a promise to find a solution that is compatible with the Good Friday Agreement; a  commitment to UK-Ireland collaboration, ensuring free travel between the two;EU rules for goods and agrifood followed in Northern Ireland; a vote for Northern Ireland to sign off the deal by June 2020 — and others to confirm it every four years; and a single UK customs zone covers Northern Ireland. Customs checks will take place away from the border.

The PM used his first conference speech as party leader to tee up his ideas. But he again asserted that Britain would leave the EU on October 31 “come what may”. Boris Johnson  also bluntly declared “the alternative is No Deal”.

 He told the conference, “That is not an outcome we want. It is not an outcome we seek at all. But let me tell you this conference, it is an outcome for which we are ready.” The PM was cheered wildly by the party faithful and he whipped them up by saluting British willingness to buck the trend.


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