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Bollywood Actor Sanjay Mishra says that we should have 21 days lock down every year to detoxify.

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Published on May 18, 2020 with No Comments

Actor Sanjay Mishra has never really stayed at home for more than a week at a stretch, and now that he’s confined to his Mumbai house for almost two months amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he is rather enjoying this time.

“My kids are growing up, but due to work commitments, I wasn’t able to spend time with them. Now that I’m home, I’m understanding their nature and also the tantrums that they throw,” shares Mishra, who feels that this much-needed break is helping him bond with his daughters Pal, 9, and Lamha, 6. And like many others, the lockdown has drastically affected the actor’s routine, too. 

“When I used to be away, I’d call up home and remind my family members to water my plants. Now, I’m doing a lot of gardening these days; it gives me so much satisfaction,” shares Mishra, adding, “We’ve destroyed nature’s lungs with toxic chemicals in air and water, which we also have been consuming. I strongly feel we should have a 21-day lockdown every year to detoxify and be with our families.”

More than work, Mishra, 56 — whose three films have been put on hold, given the crisis — is worried and concerned about people flouting lockdown norms, increasing risks not only for themselves but for others, too.

“I stay in Lokhandwala and I see people stepping out for a walk, thinking nothing will happen because of one person. But if everybody starts thinking like that, the result would be disastrous. And then we blame the Government, misbehave with the doctors, police officers and security guards. Is this the way responsible citizens behave? By doing all this, we are only harming our future,” he rues.


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