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B.C. mayor express regret City volunteer allegedly ‘disturbed’ homeless man’s tent

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Published on February 27, 2015 with No Comments

The mayor of Abbotsford, B.C., said that he is “deeply sorry” after a city volunteer allegedly “disturbed” a homeless man’s tent and took some of his belongings.
Mayor Henry Braun told a news conference that the volunteer was “acting as a concerned citizen” when he told a homeless man at a city park that he must remove his campsite from the area.
The volunteer allegedly pointed out the nearby “No Camping” signs, before returning home to print off another sign and post it in the area.
• Homeless take Abbotsford to court over alleged rights breach
Braun said that during the encounter the homeless man’s campsite was “disturbed” and “some of his belongings were taken.””Obviously, this situation is very upsetting,” Braun said. “The actions of the volunteer were outside the city’s protocol, and we do not support the way in which this situation unfolded.”
Abbotsford police said that an investigation is ongoing, and that alleged damage to the homeless man’s property is estimated to be under $400.
This is not the first time the city has come under fire for its dealings with homeless people.Last March, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Abbotsford’s homeless population against the municipal government.The group alleges that the city used bylaws and tactics to harass them and breach their charter rights.


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