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At Toronto bakery Six wounded in drive-by shooting.

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Published on September 02, 2020 with No Comments

The six people wounded by the spraying of drive-by bullets were all outside a midtown Toronto restaurant early Wednesday.

But at least one bullet went inside.

If that slug had been one centimetre lower, it could have struck the owner of Spence’s Bakery, who was in the kitchen preparing his popular food. Loxsley Brissett told reporters he felt it whiz by his head — if he had stood up, he would be dead.

Safe to say he dodged a bullet. Safe to say the city of Toronto dodged a potential huge spike in its 2020 homicide numbers.

But no matter how many were hit or how seriously they were wounded, this insane shooting is egregious. Things are out of control on the streets and getting worse. Mayor John Tory told CP24 the shooting is another example of “the continuing problem with gang activity” this summer.

This put shootings to 336 so far in 2020. That’s 46 more shootings than this time last year when there was no pandemic. That’s a whopping increase. So much for social distancing or staying inside. The gangland world is not following the rules.

This one at Spence’s Bakery on Eglinton Ave. W., east of Oakwood Ave., is as gutless an act of evil as you can get — right up there with the Jane Creba shooting on Yonge Street or the Danzig barbecue mass shooting. Because it appears no one was killed, it will be forgotten about. It should not be. It was as frightening an incident as one can experience. People just out for a bite to eat were sitting ducks.

A dark-coloured SUV is said to have rolled up on the bustling local late-night eatery and blasted it with shells. It’s just brazen gunplay in which the shooters have no concern for human life. When the smoke cleared, six people were struck. The five men and one woman were all taken to hospital with serious injuries but are expected to survive.

Look how close this was to being six homicides. So close. Three hours after this shooting, a man was gunned down in a vehicle in the Keele and Sheppard area. That puts Toronto at 47 homicides this year — five more than this time last year. The bakery shooting easily could have added many more. Police are trying to determine if there was an intended target and what is behind this terrible crime: Just shooting into a restaurant for kicks, sending a message or targeting somebody there?

But this happened. It happens far too often. Almost every shooting now is done by people on court-ordered conditions that they laugh at. This summer has had some very disturbing shooting incidents which show the gunmen are not concerned one bit who they hit.

In this one at Spence’s Bakery, known for its barbecue, king fish, jerk chicken and roti, it’s unknown how many guns were fired. The investigation is in its early stages. What is known is some people were almost hit, and others were struck in the leg, foot, arm and a grazing of the head, which indicates many could have been killed.

The gunmen didn’t care either way.


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