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Anubha Mehta Launches Peacock in the Snow in front of a Spell-Bound Audience in Toronto, Canada

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(Toronto, Canada) BOOK LAUNCH –of Author Anubha Mehta, Debut Novel Peacock in the
Hosted at: Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay Street, Toronto (6:00-8:00 pm)
Hosted by: Inanna Publications, Toronto Lit Up- International Festival of Authors, Toronto Arts Council.
Peacock in the Snow was unveiled on Sept. 28th to a hall full of patrons, readers, writers, critics and authors inToronto, Canada.
Anubha Mehta is a Canadian writer and artist who was born in India. With a Doctorate in Political Studiesand two decades of Canadian public service experience, Anubha has been awarded for her leadership work with diverse communities in Canada. Her published works reflect life lived on both sides of the globe. Peacock in the Snow is her debut novel.
In an emotional speech Anubha Mehta read from her book and expressed her gratitude to all those who touched her journey leading to her debut novel.
Anubha also paid tribute to the many faceless stories that are not able to reach such platforms and shared how this novel has helped her come to terms with the imperfections of life .
Peacock in the Snow a genre-bending thriller about the power of love, sacrifice and the tireless capacity of peopleto hope, strive and succeed despite impossible circumstances. This is a story of shy and naïve Maya and how her perfect life with her new husband Veer is thrown into complete disarray when she accidentally stumbles on an ancient family secret. What begins as unwelcome behaviour by Veer’s family soon turns into something sinister.
Trapped within the dark walls of her married mansion, the secret begins to haunt Maya and draw a wedge with Veer. To escape the malicious spirits lingering in the house, Maya and Veer migrate to a distant land and start rebuilding their life amongst adventure and hardship. Not knowing that the ghosts of their past have followedthem, in a race against time, Maya is put to a final test. Armed with conviction and courage, she sets out to face the dark forces that lie await. Will Maya ever be free of a dark past? Will she be able to survive so far away from home? Will her marriage stand the test of time, displacement, and hardship in a new country?
“Peacock in the Snow is a story of belief, vengeance, and forgiveness,” said Anubha. “It is a story of optimism rooted in the imperfections of life. Maya’s hope makes her resilient and her courage leads to her redemption. The only way to overcome past wrongs is to face them, to conquer our fears and confront our inner demons”
“This book talks about those sides of issues and isms, that fall within the shadows and silences of the noise- those
aspects that are not often talked about. In Patriarchy’s forceful dominance – often women get indoctrinated as its gatekeepers and vulnerable men surrender their personal lives, dreams or love in a show of allegiance to this system.
“Across the globe, these issues and isms don’t change, nor are they contained within geographic boundaries. Theymutate with different cultures and colours and are manifest in a diversity of context, circumstance, and behavioursaccording to the tolerance and norms of the place,” added Anubha.
“Set in both East and West, Peacock in the snow, is a journey across continents, cultures and generations. It bring to life the possibilities of myth and magic that exist on the fringes of reality.”
Due to a tremendous turnout, Peacock in the Snow was sold out at the book launch event.
More copies are being printed and will reach bookshops across North America by October 12th
Author Anubha Mehta will represent Canada and showcase her debut novel, on an international panel at Jaipur
Literature Festival.
The overwhelming response to Peacock in the Snow has scheduled it for a second Launch on January 2019 – in
New Delhi, India.
Peacock in the Snow is available online at: Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.ca/Peacock-Snow-AnubhaMehta/dp/1771335572/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1531577262&sr=1-1
and at www.AnubhaMehta.com
Peacock in the Snow – was selected as one of the most anticipated books to read for Fall 2018 by 49th Shelf:
Toronto’s All Lit Up picked up Peacock in the Snow for its featured FIRST FICTION FRIDAY: Read the story behind the story at: https://alllitup.ca/Blog/2018/First-Fiction-Friday-Peacock-in-the-Snow
Mississauga Arts Council launched a profile author video on Anubha Mehta:

Watch BOOK TRAILER – Peacock in the Snow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTlqy4UyNyI


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