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An Epitome of Multiculturalism and Diversity

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Published on October 18, 2019 with No Comments

Canada has discovered a new leader who may remind management gurus to rewrite books on leadership.

Just few weeks back he won many friends who could convert into voters when he defended his brother and showed how cool a leader he is !  And that was not a flash in the pan, yet another incidence in Montreal showed why Jagmeet Singh is different than other leaders. Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was straight forward to say that he was proud of his brother Gurratan Singh for standing firm against racist comments during a festival in Mississauga. Jagmeet Singh told reporters, “I gotta admit, I’m proud of my brother for responding with strength, responding clearly that that is wrong. The incidence under scrutiny was when protester identified as National Citizens Alliance founder Stephen Garvey confronted Gurratan Singh at MuslimFest, and asked  if he supports Shariah law and “political Islam.” The Brampton East MPP Gurratan Singh responded, “We don’t need that kind of racism in Canada.” Garvey can be seen yelling, “I’m not racist. I’m not racist at all.” Later Gurrattan Singh won many hearts online when he posted “My brother @theJagmeetSingh taught me to always confront racism. I will never respond to an Islamophobe by stating, “I am not a Muslim”. Instead, I will always stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters and say hate is wrong.” What Jagmeet said, reminds the Canadians that every leader has his or her own personality and management style. Yet regardless of whether you’re a thoughtful, methodical person with a hands-off management style or a high-energy, hands-on manager, people look to you to guide them towards goals. In order to do this, you need them to trust and follow you—and this is more likely to happen if you’re a calm, even-keeled leader. Calm leaders like Jagmeet are known to inspire more trust and perform better. With his calmness Jagmeet was able to convey that both the brothers would stand for what is right and their religion would not be an impediment of any kind. Another strong message that the Singh brothers were able to send -Racism and discrimination have no place in Canada, and they will always stand with Canadians against attempts to divide us or sow fear.

Jagmeet Singh faced another confrontationist last week in Montreal who advised him -“You know what?” the man whispered to Singh. “You Should cut your turban off and you look like a Canadian.”  “Oh, I think Canadians look like all sorts of people. That’s the beauty of Canada,” Singh politely responded with a smile. The man mumbled something else to Singh, to which the politician responded “I don’t agree, sir.” “In Rome you do what the Romans do,” the man continued. At that point, the NDP leader replied “Eh, but this is Canada. You can do like whatever you like” before walking away from the man. The incidence and his response has made NDP leader An Epitome of Multiculturalism and Diversity. Just think of –why is this man bearing such insults with such patience. How accustomed he has become in life and now in politics to bear these offenses with steady patience. He has learnt not to react to such situations but to respond with a calm mind.

Even the challenges that he faces at the political front he has shown his leadership skills. Jagmeet Singh faced one of the biggest challenges in the form of his 15 MP candidates leaving the party in New Brunswick. Jagmeet has faced criticism for not visiting the province since his 2017 leadership victory — and when asked to explain his absence, he said it’s better not to make excuses and to just apologize. “I’m not making an excuse, I’ve just unequivocally said, ‘My bad.’ But I can tell people in New Brunswick if they want someone who’s in it for them, let’s look at the policies, let’s look at what we’re proposing,” Singh said. How many leaders can do that?

Over the course of the campaign, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s personal popularity has been steadily increasing. That’s according to polling data from Nanos Research, commissioned by CTV News and The Globe and Mail, which saw the NDP leader’s support surge 10 points from the beginning of September. Singh’s support has grown from 36 per cent on Sept. 13 to 46 per cent on Oct. 8. in a survey asking respondents which party leader possesses the qualities of a good political leader. The only leader with more popularity than Singh in this category is Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau who enjoys 48 per cent support, but with a slight dip from the start of the campaign when he had 51 per cent of support.  Jagmeet has won many hearts, even though the chances of his party at the federal front are bleak. Canada has discovered a new leader who may remind management gurus to rewrite leadership books.


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