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$8 BILLION HOLE IN RECKLESS NDP SPENDING PLANS NDP will massively hike taxes on Canadian families

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Published on September 08, 2015 with No Comments

The Honourable Jason Kenney today outlined an $8 billion hole in the NDP’s reckless spending plans. He called on Thomas Mulcair to come clean with Canadians on how he plans to pay for the billions upon billions of new spending promises. New NDP spending promises total $13.8 billion in the first year, growing to $34.5 billion when fully implemented. This total does not even include 125 promises not yet costed. But even the NDP’s job killing tax hike on business and taking away benefits for families does not even come close to covering the cost of these new promises, leaving Canadian taxpayers on the hook for $8 billion. This means the NDP will impose massive tax hikes on Canadian families – on top of the tax hikes the NDP has already promised. “Canadians can’t afford the NDP,” Kenney said. “We are only a third of the way through this campaign and already their reckless spending would mean massive tax hikes. The NDP have said they would raise taxes on our job-creators, cancel income splitting for Canadian families as well as the recent TFSA increases, but this still leaves them with the need for at least $8 billion in additional taxes in year one alone – the year they claim they will also balance the budget.” Since becoming leader, Mulcair and his NDP team have promised impractical increases in EI spending, a massive government-run daycare scheme that would benefit only a small percentage of Canadian families, questionable investments in green energy, a massive social housing plan, and a $9 billion dollar increase in spending for foreign aid. This is a clear contrast with the approach of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has cut taxes for Canadian families while keeping our economy strong. Conservatives have lowered the tax burden for the average Canadian family by $6,600, all while preserving programs Canadians count on and balancing the budget. “Tax increases to pay for the NDP’s reckless promises would wreck our economy,” Kenney said. “Canadians already know that the NDP cannot control spending, and their promises just prove that.” “In this election every Canadian voter needs to ask the simple question,” Kenney concluded, “Which leader has the proven experience to keep our economy strong?”

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