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Reena’s Battle against Cancer

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Published on August 12, 2015 with No Comments

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About Reena

Reena Marwaha-Mago is a beautiful lady, with a heart of gold and a wonderful spirit. She’s a mother of two beautiful little children, six year old Saanya and four year old, Eshaan. She’s happily married for the last nine years to Sumeet. Reena is not only a loving mother and a caring wife but also an amazing daughter, a wonderful sister and a great friend to many.

We have always been in awe of her super-human capabilities that enabled her to accomplish so much despite all odds and still always be the first one to show up when her friends and family needed her, unconditionally and selflessly! She earned her Accounting designation CGA, CPA at the age of 35 in 2013, while working and taking care of two little kids. No wonder she reached to the level of a Controller in a Public Company with sheer hard work and dedication.

Everything in her life was picture-perfect, until September 2014 when the unthinkable happened and she was diagnosed with an advanced form of Breast Cancer, Stage III.

Reena’s Battle against Cancer

She has been battling a rare form of tumor where the six tough rounds of chemotherapy were ineffective and the tumor kept progressing aggressively. She underwent salvage treatment with 25 rounds of Radiation to control the growth of her tumor. Finally, In May 2015, she underwent Mastectomy and multiple lymph nodes were removed as well.

However, due to delays in surgery, her cancer had progressed to other organs. She started feeling unexplained sharp pains in her spine. She couldn’t even get out of the bed and move. The scans in June 2015 showed that the Cancer had spread to her spine, Lungs and Liver. The cancer had spread so quickly that her right lung was completely compromised in a few days. It is such a rare and aggressive form of cancer that her size of the tumor increased from 1 cm to 11.6 cm in her liver within a month. She is currently put on a 24 hr Oxygen support. She has been re-staged to a stage IV cancer. She asked her Oncologist, “how much time she has? Will she be able to see her kids grow up?” The Oncologist had a look on his face and told her that the next five weeks are very critical! She was in tears…

A week later she found a glimmer of hope when she learned about the new treatment which has been approved in USA but not in Canada. Her Oncologist in Canada is also in agreement with the treatment. But there is a huddle…The cost of her treatment in US is approx. $250,000. On top of that the medication itself is $10,000 to $15,000 per month!

Her husband who is her primary caregiver has been unable to work full time throughout this ordeal to be able to take care of Reena and kids, house and being a driver for her multiple treatments, appointments etc. Their financial situation has already declined to the level where it is hard for them to manage regular expenses, as they have exhausted all their savings.

However despite of the debilitating pains, she’s in high spirits, has tons of faith. She is a fighter and hopes to beat the cancer and come out as a survivor! Please help her fulfill the dream of seeing her kids grow!

I am asking you all to help Donate and please, please help me spread the word around the world. Without your support, it is going to be an extremely tough battle! At this point any kind of help is appreciated! Please help her and keep her in your Prayers. She needs support from ALL of you. Thank you.




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