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2015 Cadillac ATS AWD Coupe-By Antony Dickson

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Published on October 02, 2015 with No Comments

The Cadillac ATS has always been one of my favourite cars ever since it made its debut a few years ago. First launched as sedan, the ATS is now being offered as a coupe. The coupe looks better than its older sibling sedan and has its distinctness. The lightweight ATS Coupe has a lower wider stance giving it an aggressive look further enhanced by futuristic lighting elements all around the car. The ATS coupe is definitely a work of art in motion.

The ATS not just looks good, but performs fabulously. Our tester came with the 3.6L V6 under the hood with 321 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque at your disposal sent out to all wheels. The engine lineup also offers a standard 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder. The award-winning 2.0L turbo is rated at 272 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It is quick to respond to your right foot’s demands and launches with no lag whatsoever.

The broad torque band is supported by high boost levels in the speed range, which is designed to give the lightweight ATS Coupe an exhilarating feeling of immediate power on demand.Both engines feature direct injection and dual overhead camshafts with continuously variable valve timing, which help optimize power and efficiency, as well as reduce emissions. And each is matched with the Hydra-Matic 6L45 six-speed automatic transmission with tap-shift control. A six-speed manual is also available with the 2.0L Turbo.Fuel mileage was pretty impressive during my run with the ATS Coupe. I achieved an impressive 10L/100km on the highway and around 12.9L/100km in city driving.

The ATS coupe handled exceptionally well taking corners in its stride. The AWD does it even better with traction on all fours giving the driver an extra measure of confidence. Magnetic Ride Control is a real-time damping system that delivers more precise body motion control. It “reads” the road and can change damping every millisecond, according to GM engineers.

The ATS has some amazing safety features. During my week with the ATS Coupe, I experienced a variety of features that I definitely could get used to. Cadillac provides available advanced safety based on Cadillac’s ‘control and alert’ strategy, which employs up to two cameras, eight ultrasonic sensors and six radar signals to help prevent crashes. The ATS comes with lane departure warning and lane keep assist features that help to keep veering off your driving lane on its own. If your turn signal isn’t flashing, the car thinks you’re veering off that lane and right away takes over the wheel and corrects the car’s position back into the lane. I tried it on different roads and noticed the lanes have to be demarcated clearly for this feature to work. Another great Cadillac feature is the vibrating seats that buzz whenever there is danger of collision or when you get too close to anything. I find it better than the annoying beeps that most cars offer.

In certain situations, Cadillac’s advanced crash-avoidance systems, such as automatic braking, can pre-fill and automatically apply braking in response to potential hazards.Among the most sophisticated of the features is Front and Rear Automatic Braking. It relies on radar, camera and ultrasonic technology to help the driver prevent front and rear low-speed collisions via a progression of alerts that extend to complete braking, if necessary. Other ATS safety features include eight standard air bags, safety belt pretensioners and load limiters, StabiliTrak electronic stability control system with full-function traction control and four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel ABS, patented rotor coating protection and auto-dry functionality.

Inside, the sedan’s driver-focused cabin features handcrafted cut-and-sewn upholstered interior combinations, decorative stitching and authentic materials, including leather, aluminum, carbon fibre and wood, intended to enhance the emotional connection to the driving experience.It seats just two persons in the back, but comfortably. Exclusive to ATS Coupe and differing from other manufacturers’ systems that pipe recorded engine sounds through the audio system,Cadillac’s system enhances only the car’s authentic powertrain sounds to enhance the performance experience.

The ATS Coupe AWD was a real pleasure to drive on all counts. In the end it is a Cadillac. You stand out in the crowd driving one of these. It commands respect. And at a price $58,145 as tested, it definitely should!


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