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Willing to sign ‘no-spy agreement’ with the US government: Huawei Chairman Liang Hua

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Published on June 09, 2019 with No Comments

In response to years of allegations by the United States and its allies that Huawei’s products could be accessed by Chinese Intelligence Agencies for spying, the company has said  that it is willing to sign a “no-spy agreement” with the US government if the opportunity opens up. “We are willing to sign a no-spy agreement with the U.S.,” Huawei’s Chairman Liang Hua is reported to have said. “The U.S. has not bought from us, is not buying from us and doesn’t have plans to buy from us. So, I don’t know if there’s an opportunity to sign such an agreement.”

The Chinese tech giant has offered similar agreements to the UK and Germany, in consideration to the fact that the US has been urging its allies, including the said countries to sever its ties with the company. Last week, Huawei filed a “motion for summary judgement” in its lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the US law banning federal agencies from buying its products. The new motion requests the court to overturn a portion of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which specifically forbids government agencies from using technology from Huawei and its smaller Chinese rival, ZTE. US President Donald Trump had signed the NDAA last year, alleging that Huawei’s products posed a risk to national security, as they could be used by Chinese Intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. Calling a portion of the act “unconstitutional”, the Chinese tech giant had sued the US government in March.


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