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WHY ‘YO YO HONEY SINGH’ NEEDS TO BE BANNED. (We Need Better Role Models in society)

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Published on January 12, 2019 with No Comments

The writer is working as a senior DSP in Punjab Police and has done Masters in Police administration as well as Masters in Psychology. Apart from his professional police duties, he undertakes social work as well as writes for various newspapers and magazines in India to spread information and awareness amongst the masses about the current issues. He has also authored a book, “NEW INDIA

“Mein aur mere kalakar
Sab baith ke kare chill
Par main hoon womanizer
Mujhe akele mein mat mill
Silicon wali ladki ko mein, pakadta nahi
Brown girls se mera, dil bharta nahi
Gori gori skin ke liye, mein marta nahi
Kyunki main hoon sher, ghaas charta nahi
Tu hai patli si naari
Par mera weight ho gaya thoda bhari
Tu hai jaanti mein hu shikaari
Tujhe kha jaaunga saari ki saari”

What an utter shame of catastrophic proportions when you realize that these are the so-called lyrics of a new song, ‘Makhna’, by some rapper who goes by the name of ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’. I wonder what would be the reaction of the mother, sister, wife and daughter of ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ after listening to these dirty lyrics. Would they be proud of him is anybody’s guess. Does it even qualify to be called a song’s lyrics by any measurement? Crass vulgarity, eroticism and cheap ideology is at a naked display which depicts a woman as nothing more than sexual lustful objects and thus, entices the men to applaud and imitate the actions of being eulogized as a womanizer. Are our women only to be hunted and feasted upon? Ashamed of such denigrating filthy lyrics which promotes risqué behavior and treats women like a prey waiting to be captured and willingly vilified by the beastly sexual predators. It is shocking to witness the hypocrisy of our society which is tolerating these nonsensical lyrics that not only mocks womanhood but also stokes racial prejudices in terms of brown versus white women. Where are we heading towards? Is the end of humanity and civilization nearby?

It is not a mere matter of a song whose lyrics are in sheer bad taste and it is not even valid to argue that if you do not like it, then do not listen to it. Somebody has to act selflessly and care for our society. The fact is that such kinds of songs are slowly and slowly tearing away the age-old ethos of our society and brutally bombarding the moral values of posterity. The gullible youngsters who are addictively hooked on to social media get easily impacted by these kinds of vulgar songs and then, being unable to distinguish between right and wrong, they try to emulate the preposterous ‘swag’ of these singers in real life as they believe it to be ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ to copy them and become like them. Would we want our children to be like ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ who shows no respect for women and has been a self-confessed drug addict in the past. Are we ready to let our children rot in hell by following such wrong celebrities? One wonders that does not the print and TV media also have a moral responsibility to not to highlight and advertize these guys who are misguiding the youth of country and playing havoc with our culture. Why cannot the government take a strict action against them and ban them and their cheap songs? Why do the civil society members not taking a candle-light march against these ridiculous singers and music directors?
The rising number of cases of molestations, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, exploitation and rapes act as a grim reminder of what is going wrong in our society. These kinds of vulgar songs are promoting pseudo-masculinity in grave proportions and wrongly massaging the male egos in terms of cementing the fallacious patriarchal notions of authority, superiority and domination over women. What kind of a message would be going to 75 million viewers who have already viewed this song on YouTube? What moral lesson is being portrayed to the people who have liked this video? Do you think the society would be producing men of substance in future with these songs?

Undoubtedly, these kinds of songs are raping the minds of our youth and gang-raping the cultural mores and values of our society to say the least. In the name of promoting modernity and minting money, these so-called valueless ‘Style-icons’ like Honey Singh are fanning the criminal urges of the misguided youth who treat them as celebrities. It is really shocking and heartrending to see the youngsters playing these kinds of songs in their cars and parties. It is even more shocking to see many-a-women in the night clubs and marriage parties gyrating and merrily dancing to these kinds of songs which are totally disrespectful to everything a woman stands for in real life. A woman is obviously more than a sex machine and she needs to be admired for her intellect, emotions and sensitivity rather than wrongly treating her as a pleasure-giving object. Songs like ‘Makhna’ are a blot on the civil society. What are we going to teach to our children? What we hear and see in our daily life also has a sure-shot impact on our actions too. With crudely insensitive and distasteful songs like ‘Makhna’, what are we expecting to achieve? Of course, innumerable gangsters and rapists are a direct contribution of such de-humanizing and obscene songs. Is there no social responsibility of these notorious singers-rappers as citizens who give two hoots to the civility and decorum of society? Are they only concerned about increasing their bank balances and nothing more? Such kinds of role models are a liability for the nation and the humanity. When FIR’s can be lodged under acts of sedition against some people who say or do anything which is seen as against the interest of the nation, then why not strict criminal action must also be taken on similar lines against such singers also for promoting mass vulgarity in society. After all, they are also crippling the interests and sanctity of our nation’s foundations, albeit in a slow but sure manner.

Why cannot the censor board raise objections on these kinds of lewd lyrics and ban them? The heart bleeds to think of the future of India where such salacious songs have become the order of the day and are regularly watched with misplaced excitement. We need better songs and better role models. It is time to respect women and raise a voice against such atrociously vulgar songs.


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