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Why was Aishwarya asked to go for Miss Universe instead of Sushmita?

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Published on June 08, 2019 with No Comments

Sushmita Sen was the first Indian to win the coveted Miss Universe title in 1994 when she was just 18-years old. It was definitely a huge moment of pride not just for Sushmita but for our entire India. We all are aware of Sushmita’s success story but who knew that she was almost on the verge of not making it to the final day! 

In a recent interview with a leading TV channel from India, Sushmita revealed that the organisers wanted Aishwarya Rai to go in her place instead. The actress recalled, “It was given to Anupama Varma, then a very famous model and she was also a coordinator for events and she had my passport for a show in Bangladesh. She needed it for some Id proof. She couldn’t find it. I went crying to my dad. I said, ‘Baba I am not going for anything else. I rightfully deserve to go for this’. My father was like let me see what I can do and I will go on record to say that Mr Rajesh Pilot (former minister in India) helped us to get the passport and he himself went on to say, ‘Look, she’s representing our country so we got to aide this process instead of delaying it’.  And you better believe it that I went for Miss Universe.” And there’s no surprise to what happened later! 


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