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When Bollywood stars turned Santa “I’m the Santa Claus in my life,” Jacqueline

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Published on January 01, 2019 with No Comments

Born in Bahrain, actor Jacqueline Fernandez has fond memories of celebrating Christmas with her family. Every year around this time, she’d enjoy spending time with her siblings, but, being in Mumbai, she misses them. However, this year, she decided to spread cheer and smiles at St Catherine’s home, an orphanage in Mumbai.

Talking about her most cherished Christmas memories, Jacqueline said, “They’re from my early days when after midnight mass, we used to open the presents. I remember, once my parents made me open my last gift and there was a Barbie in it.”

Though Jacqueline lives away from her family as they are in Sri Lanka, she tries to spend Christmas and New Year’s with them whenever it is possible. However, hectic schedules don’t always allow her to take breaks. Traditions are traditions though, she says, “Nothing at all has changed. I still put up the Christmas tree, distribute gifts, and go to the church.” Over the past few years, Jacqueline said that she has become less materialistic in life and “loves gifting but isn’t too concerned about receiving them”. As an afterthought she says, “I’m the Santa Claus in my life. Oh and my dad too! He’s the cutest.”

It’s Christmas and like each one of us, our Bollywood celebrities too are excited about the festival. While some party the night away, we also have some of them who prefer to spend time with the needy and spread Christmas cheer! Here’s a look at some of these celebs who have been celebrating Christmas in a noble manner.

Jacqueline celebrated Christmas with kids from RPG Foundation’s Pehlay Akshar Programme last year. She had an extensive interactive session with the kids wherein she spoke about how important education is and how we should recycle the waste.

Kangana Ranaut decided to celebrate the festival with a group of underprivileged kids and had brunch with over 100 children of the Smile Foundation, and supported  the initiative ‘Qauker Feed A Child’. 

Spreading Christmas cheer, Varun Dhawan visited St Catherine’s NGO Kids in Mumbai two years back and had promised them that he would come again. Keeping his promise, the actor visited them again last year and even shared pictures with them mentioning khushraho mast raho.

John Abraham met the children from ‘Make A Wish Foundation’. He was a part of ‘Gift a Smile Christmas’ event for underprivileged and terminally ill children. John has always been vocal about being a part of such endeavours and spending quality time with the youth of today. 


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