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“We are not abandoning ICE. We are not abandoning our law enforcemt

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Published on July 07, 2018 with No Comments

Merkel warns Trump against unleasing trade war
“Immigration enforcement like liberating a town in combat,” Trump
German Chancellor Angela Merkel  has warned U.S. President Donald Trump against unleashing an all-out trade war after he threatened to impose steep tariffs on cars from the European Union. In a speech to the Bundestag federal parliament, Merkel said both sides were effectively locked in a “trade conflict” since  Trump’s decision to slap punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.
“It is worthwhile to prevent this conflict from becoming a real war,” she said, adding however that this “would require both sides” to take steps.
Earlier, Trump  charged that Europe is “possibly as bad as China” on trade, as he reiterated that he is mulling import taxes of 20% on EU cars. The EU has slapped tariffs on iconic U.S. products, including bourbon, jeans and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as a symbolic tit-for-tat response to the metals duties.
US President Donald Trump has praised immigration enforcement officials, saying their actions against illegal immigrants, in particular those with criminal background, are like liberating a town in combat.
“We respect ICE. These are tough people. You have to be tough. But when these people come in to our country and come in illegally, and then they’re dispersed throughout the country and all of a sudden you see nests of MS-13. You know, it’s like you’re liberating towns,” Trump said at a salute to service dinner in White Sulphur Springs of West Virginia making a reference to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
“We send ICE in, and for ICE it’s just another day like Phil, and John, and Keegan—all of the guys, and Bubba. Like the way they play golf—they go, they play. They don’t know it’s hard. They don’t know what that is. These guys they walk in to those areas, they take them out of there so fast—they’re not afraid of anything,” the president added.
Trump was referring to eminent golfers Phil Mickelson, John Daly, Keegan Bradley and Bubba Watson, all of whom were in the audience.
“It is like you’re liberating a town. Like in a war, you’re liberating a town or an area. And ICE goes in there, and sometimes they have to go in swinging. They don’t mind. They’re tough,” Trump said as he slammed the opposition Democratic party leaders who he said wanted to abandon the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
“We are not abandoning ICE. We are not abandoning our law enforcement, it’s just the opposite,” the US President said.


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