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Wall, Shutdown! Who is paying?

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Published on January 26, 2019 with No Comments

It’s not the first time that US is witnessing a shut down. The shutdown this time is now the longest in the history of the United States, and there is little sign it will end soon.  The problem is humongous with 800,000 federal workers being either forced to stay home from work, or work without pay.

And for the last three weeks, both the Democrats and President Donald Trump have been in a unique contest, waiting for the other to knell down first. Democrats in the House have expressed and moved multiple  resolutions to fund the government. But President Trump is not willing to give an inch. He has vowed to veto any bill that does not include billions of dollars in funding for his proposed border wall. The government has shut down before, under presidents of both parties. But this shutdown is particularly appearing unnecessary and the way President Donald Trump is moving ahead, he is appearing childish.

During his run up to Presidency he highlighted his negotiation skills. Trump negotiated some great deals early in his career, including Trump Tower and the redevelopment of the Commodore Hotel (now the Grand Hyatt). Those were his skills as a businessman, backed by proven techniques, including extensive preparation of his team. However, once Trump became a celebrity in the mid-1980s he stopped using many of these techniques leading to multiple poor negotiations as evident from overpayment by tens of millions for various assets, including the Eastern Air Shuttle and the Plaza Hotel. President Donald Trump has carried his weakened negotiations skills to white house now and the United States is witnessing the longest shutdown in the US history. And his negotiation strategies —to link wall funding to temporary legal status for “Dreamers” — are making it far less likely that it will end with a deal that accomplishes his goal of funding a border wall.    Trump knew what he was offering and he is still hoping that the public will accept his argument that a physical wall is needed at the border with Mexico and the wall would protect Americans from an invasion of refugees and inflow of illegal drugs.   However, President Donald Trump has not realized that Americans have an access to all kinds of information. Americans know that there is no such invasion as is being presented by the President. Flow of undocumented migrants have dramatically slowed in recent years. And it is no longer like a crisis. The number of people apprehended at the border remains near a 45-year low. President Trump would have known by now that most illegal drugs are smuggled in on commercial flights, not via illegal border crossers. Likewise, drug smuggling is a real problem, but narcotics have mostly been smuggled in on trucks, cars and airplanes at official ports of entry, or through tunnels under the border, or through the postal system — not by individuals crossing remote parts of the border. Rather, President Trump is creating one of the most shocking humanitarian concern through his policy of separating children from parents at the border. However, he is not concerned about the same. He is least concerned about the staff that remains unpaid for days and days. All he is concerned about the wall-creating a political symbol. A symbol that speak of his supremacy. During his campaign he had proudly said that Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Now linking the wall with the Shutdown, has President Trump realized who is paying for it? The Americans!


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