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Using forces for political mileage!

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Published on October 06, 2018 with No Comments

Two contrasting acts for the same celebration were bound to raise and is raising lot of dust. The sections of students who opposed the celebrations have done so because of the certain political ideologies they follow.  At the same time, the government led by Narendra Modi too has a lot to answer.  Why would any government pick up a non political and much respected force like the Army for a subject of controversy at a national level? Just to score some brownie points.

Having gone all out for carrying out the celebrations, the government is at loss of words to explain why the same celebrations were not held last year. The government has awakened to a political opportunity knowing that it’s on a sticky ground with the general elections of 2019 just around the corner.  The government should have kept in mind that these surgical strikes are a demonstration that India has the capability to do this, however the security aspect was not taken into consideration and the matter has now become part of the various debates.  The government should have realized that there is no harm in celebrating the scarifies made by the soldier however, such celebrations have to be more sober and dignified considering that many soldiers have lost their lives at the same border.

Any military operation is showcased as an achievement when it was carried out with an aim and the same is achieved. Before deciding to celebrate it in such a way, the government should assess whether if Pakistan has changed after this operation? Spokesperson and supporters of the BJP have cited that late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi too had showcased the 1971 war with Pakistan. Army at that time was able to compel Pakistan to surrender and Bangladesh was formed. This time, despite the surgical strikes the misadventures by Pakistan have increased and the Indian government has no reason to celebrate as if it has taken Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) back.

It is good that armed forces are appreciated but doing it for a political purpose is bad. Soldiers serve with the government of the day, irrespective of any political party, but politics should not be meddled with military operations. Having celebrated the day, the Indian government is facing tough questions. Has terror from across the border stopped? Rather it has multiplied. Hence there was no point in carrying out such kind of chest thumping.  Nation and armed forces proudly celebrate valor and sacrifice of martyrs in the form of Veterans Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas, Vijay Diwas on December 16 and then each wing also has Army/ Navy/ Air Force days.  While carrying out the celebrations and each minister being assigned a set of area to send the massage all across India, the government went on to add insult to injury for all those veterans who have been raising voice of over four years now for “One Rank One Pension”.

Narendra Modi government is propagating these celebrations as a moral boosting stimulus, however it hasn’t realized that by making these celebrations and releasing videos, the government has made the armed forces visible and exposing their functioning and strategy and it could mean that the Armed forces may find it hard to carry out similar operations with that ease and fineness.





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