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Trust belittled?

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Published on December 07, 2018 with No Comments

Rajvinder (Raj) Grewal entered the political arena with a humble background that got accepted very well by the voters.  Rajvinder born on September 11 1985 contested the 2015 federal election from the riding of the Brampton East as a son of an airport cab driver and had attended Wilfrid Laurier University to earn his Bachelor’s degree in business, and then completed Master’s in Business Management from York University and a law degree Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to his legal studies he worked as a financial analyst, while after becoming a lawyer he specialized in mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance.

Raj Grewal’s political career that began at the previous election is now facing flak for the dismal situation he has landed himself in.  Elected as a Liberal, he announced this resignation last week, announced later that he is not resigning. During this period of flip flop decision, he revealed that he has been trying to come out of a severe gambling problem. However, During his three years as an elected representative, Liberal MP Raj Grewal is reported to have spent huge sums of money on a gambling habit and there have been reports stating that at time he would drop tens of thousands of dollars at a time in visits to a casino near Parliament Hill.

And in the process he is reported to have mounted up vast debts with at least four different banks. His coming clean of the “gambling habit” was not an act that was self motivated. His admission of gambling habit came as his casino tabs came to the attention of FINTRAC, the government body tasked with catching money laundering. As per reports, the amount being spent by Raj Grewal was huge that he soon landed on the radar of RCMP. RCMP had been following him for close to six months, and even traced him to the Casino du Lac-Leamy, where he apparently did much of his betting. Raj confessed of the extent of this gambling problem by saying, “On an average sitting, I would spend between 15 to 30 minutes at a table, and I either won a lot of money, which made me continue to chase wins, or I lost a significant amount of money, which threw me into complete despair.” He also claimed that the hid his compulsive gambling addiction from even the closest  of the family members including his wife and claims that he “suffered in silence until telling his family on Nov5.” Raj Grewal asserts to say that the love and support from the family gave him the courage to speak to the Prime Minister.

Raj Grewal got elected to the House of Common because of the trust re imposed in him by the voters. However, his indulgence in gambling to the extent of addiction and getting a regular income from other source too belittles that trust.

In his most recent disclosure, he told the Ethics Commissioner he received employment income from the law firm Gahir & Associates and the contractor ZGemi Inc. Raj Grewal has tried to come out clean by stating, “ “I want to make it clear, that every single personal loan made to me was by cheque. Everybody has been paid back, and every loan and repayment is transparent and traceable. This has nothing to do at all with anything sinister except to feed my own addiction.” However, there are lots of questions that remain unanswered. How it could be possible that the PMO was not aware of the Raj Grewal’s troubles? How could his activivies go unnoticed if the rookie MP frequented an Ottawa-area casino to an extent of addiction, as claimed by him.  Opposition has upped the ante and has even asked whether Raj Grewal’s debts could have compromised his work as an MP.  Also, how much and for what he was getting paid by Gahir & Associates and ZGemi Inc. is still unknown.

Raj Grewal did another flip flop this week by deciding not to resign. And again questions are being raised on why would he resign when tax payer’s are paying his salary and expenses. Also will you trust him in future and that too when being at a seat of authority? All these questions need to be addressed by the office of the Prime Minister so that the right perspective of the issue is presented to the Canadians.




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