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Sidhu wants ‘crawling street’ to be renamed

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Published on April 16, 2019 with No Comments

Punjab Tourism Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu through a letter addressed to the Chief Minister

Capt Amarinder Singh has asked for renaming the infamous ‘crawling street’ leading to the Jallianwala Bagh and approach the Union government to initiate the reconciliation process of asking the British government to submit an apology for the most heinous act of killing innocent Indians by its predecessors in 1919.

Approximately 185-metre stretch leading to the Jallianwala Bagh, still known as ‘Khu Kaurian’ was the actual ‘crawling street’ and is testament to the colonial era atrocities. it’s a little known fact that on April 10, 1919, a European missionary woman, Marcella Sherwood, who ran the Mission Day School for Girls then, was assaulted by a mob while she was cycling through this narrow passage. Following the incident, the British rulers ordered every Indian passerby to crawl pass the street and they were beaten up with baton by tying them near the well.

With the passage of time the original residents, mostly belonging to the Duggal community, migrated. The “khu” (well) was replaced with a “Shivala” (Shiv temple) in 1980s. Some residents, who were aware of their locality’s history, demanded that a memorial be erected to keep the black chapter alive.

Sidhu suggested that the street should be re-christened as “Freedom Street or “Shaheedan Di Gali”.

“I don’t insist on sticking to these names. It could be any other name the CM Saheb may find suitable, but this street is the historical reminder of oppression where English rulers made Indians crawl. Renaming the street is the minimum we can do,” he said.


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