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Quebec new government could focus on broken health care & religious symbols

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Published on October 06, 2018 with No Comments

Coalition Avenir Québec, founded in 2011, took 74 of 125 seats on the promise to keep the province in Canada

François Legault, the premier-designate of Quebec, has said that his government would invoke the notwithstanding clause to work around the Charter of Rights and Freedoms so that his government can ban people in positions of authority in the province from wearing religious symbols. The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) Leader said that the plan would prevent public servants, including teachers, police officers and judges, from wearing religious garments such as the Muslim hijab and Jewish kippa while performing their public functions. He would also amend Quebec’s charter of rights to impose the ban, which is long-standing party policy, but barely came up on the campaign trail.

In his first news conference since his party was elected to government on Legault justified the move to override any successful court challenge and the Canadian Charter’s protection of religious freedom. He said his government will have a transition period in which people who want to continue wearing religious symbols will be offered alternative jobs.

Legault promised to “put money back in the wallets of Quebecers,” invest more in early detection for learning disabilities in children, and reorganize the health-care system so it’s more efficient.


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