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Pune now has more vehicles than humans

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Published on July 02, 2018 with No Comments

Pune, Industrial Town in Maharastra Pune  has a weird distinction. It has 36.2 lakh vehicles, but only 35 lakh humans. This may just be the first time this has happened in an urban area of India.

The registration of four-wheelers in 2017-18 rose 9.57 percent and two-wheelers grew at 8.24 percent. However, the highest growth was the 25 percent increase in the taxi-cab segment with a total of 28,344 cabs registered against 22,696 in 2016-2017.  Its note worthy that it is only the growth in the registrations, not the total number of vehicles.

When it comes to sheer numbers, Pune is still a city dominated by two-wheelers, which rose to 27.03 lakh in 2017-18, from 24.97 lakh in the year before that. The total number of cars in the city increased to 6.45 lakh from 5.89 lakh in the previous year.

This means, going plainly by the math, every single household in the city should have at least one vehicle. In most cases, this would translate to multiple vehicles in each household.


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