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Oz flyer checks in a can of beer as luggage for flight

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Published on July 15, 2017 with No Comments

A beer-loving Australian man has managed to check-in a can of lager as his only luggage on a domestic flight, with the brew arriving safely thanks to courteous baggage handlers. To the amusement of ground staff at Melbourne airport, the can of Emu Export Lager was tagged and made its way along the conveyor belt to the plane as the only check-in item for Dean Stinson. The high-flyer said he concocted the plan “just for a laugh“, adding he was pleasantly surprised that his precious cargo survived the four-hour journey to Perth.

Man fined for trying to take his fridge on train

Two train commuters in Australia showed that furniture can be transported cheaply by public transport. In two separate incidents in Brisbane, men single-handedly moved a couch and a fridge on trains.The man moving the fridge wheeled it on a trolley onto a train but was shortly discovered by transit officers, who fined him $250 for his oversized item. He was also fined for fare dodging.


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