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Ontario Taking Next Step in Building a Connected Public Health Care System for Patients

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Published on April 10, 2019 with No Comments

Ontario’s Government is putting patients at the centre of the new integrated health care system. The government is moving forward on its commitment to building a modern and connected public health care system by providing detailed guidance to health care providers and organizations on the process involved in becoming an Ontario Health Team. 

“Our government is committed to putting patients, families and caregivers at the centre of our public health care system,” said Elliott. “With Ontario Health Teams, health care providers and organizations will have the support they need to develop better coordinated care for patients, families and caregivers.”

If legislation passes, Ontario Health Teams would connect health care providers and services around patients and families in the community. It would take several years for Ontario Health Teams to be fully operational across the province, and our government will ensure that transitions are done over time to ensure seamless patient care. The guidance material has been developed together with experts and in consultation with providers to ensure the government is bringing forward the best possible model – driven by the frontline.

“If we expect real improvements that patients will experience first-hand, we must better coordinate the public health care system, so it is organized around people’s needs and outcomes,” said Elliott. “When health care providers work together and are funded together, we can finally integrate care and consider the needs of the whole person. Patients would have someone to contact to help them navigate the system, to answer questions and to understand their unique situation.”


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