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Liberals Need to Assure Canadians Medication Supply Thrives in Canada

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Published on August 11, 2019 with No Comments

Following news reports that the Trump administration will allow prescription drugs to be imported from Canada to the United States, NDP Health Critic Don Davies wrote a letter to the Liberal Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor asking her to reveal what her government will do to make sure the medication Canadians need is not depleted as a result.

“I have heard from many patients and health care providers who are rightly alarmed about the prospect of serious shortages in the medications Canadians need, particularly at a time when drug prices are spiralling out of control due to decades of inaction from the federal government, and when millions of Canadians have no drug insurance due to the lack of a national pharmacare program,” wrote Davies.

Experts have expressed their deep concern that Canadians may not have an adequate supply of prescription drugs due to this unprecedented step by the White House. This has the potential to impact hundreds if not thousands of prescription drugs, many of which are essential for the preservation of life.

“I call on you, as the Minister of Health, to immediately reveal to Canadians what specific steps your government will take to ensure that all Canadians have confidence that the medication they need is not depleted as a result of this sudden decision from the White House,” added Davies.


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