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Kenney has the ability to impact federal politics

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Published on May 01, 2019 with No Comments

Former Federal minister Jason Kenney is back and that too with a bang. Jason Kenney’s Alberta election victory has sent ripples of enthusiasm and concern across Canada. Kenney’s United Conservative Party captured 63 seats and more than 55 per cent of the popular vote, defeating the incumbent government of Rachel Notley’s New Democrats. The New Democrats’ defeat in Alberta provincial election marked the end of a remarkable chapter in the province’s politics — Alberta’s first-ever NDP government.
Premiers of other provinces have welcomed him back with open arms. Take the case of Ontario Premier Doug Ford who welcomed a rising Conservative wave, as that could strengthen the PC party in Ontario too. Also it makes the lobby of those opposing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax. Doug Ford welcomed Kenney’s opposition to the federal carbon tax. Ford stood in the legislature last week to congratulate Kenney, with the rest of the Tory caucus rising for a standing ovation. “We see just a blue wave going across this country from west to east,” Ford said. “We’re building an anti-carbon tax alliance like this country has never seen.” Ford has stated the importance of another state going to Conservatives that too with highly experienced Jason Kenney as the Premier. British Columbia grappled with the Kenny campaign promise of squeezing its oil supply and Quebec stood firm on its rejection of oil pipelines. Kenney’s victory adds strength to the conservative movement across Canada as a fall federal election approaches. Quebec Premier Francois Legault congratulated Kenney on his victory, but reminded the new premier that Quebec’s position on oil pipelines hasn’t changed. All parties in Quebec’s legislature oppose any new oil pipelines, said Legault. “What I am saying is there is no social acceptability for a new oil pipeline in Quebec,” he said. However, Legault said Quebec is open to a proposed natural gas pipeline coming from Alberta. Kenney said Alberta’s economy is desperate for pipelines that can carry oil to international markets. Though Alberta and Quebec may have different opinion on the Gas pipeline. But their common cause to protest against the carbon tax keeps them together. The arrival of a new provincial Conservative government, meanwhile, could mark the start of a new chapter in federal politics. With Conservatives also resting the Prince Edward Island on Tuesday though not with a majority these could signal a lot for the forthcoming federal elections. Jason Kenney’s elevation to the Premier of Alberta could be a political headache for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
The Liberals are losing their bases, Conservatives and NDP are gaining control over the provinces and the strongholds of Liberal party namely Ontario and British Columbia are already out of the grip of the Liberals. The consensus in Alberta has the ability to impact on the rest of the country. Remarkably Jason Kenney’s campaign focused around a promise to stand up for the province’s oil and gas industry, and “fight for a fair deal” in the federation? He also took up the issues that were not only limited to Alberta but have a relevance across Canada. He promised to cut off transfer of oil to British Columbia. It also promised a referendum on the federal equalization program. Premier Jason Kenney carries with him a decade long experience at Federal politics. His high national profile, and strong ties to provincial and federal conservatives, means that he remains an influential player on the national political scene. As promised by Jason Kenney the first bill that his new government will introduce will be the “carbon tax repeal act.” Once Premier Kenney moves to eliminate the province’s $30/tonne carbon levy, Ottawa will have to respond by imposing a federal “backstop” carbon tax in Alberta, as it has done with Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick and that would mean, his aura begins to grow even more in the Federal politics.


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