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Just 15 ! Azerbaijan girl is CEO & innovator

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Published on December 03, 2017 with No Comments

When girls of her age barely manage to finish schooling, 15-year-old Reyhan Camalova from Azerbaijan is the CEO and founder of a company which converts rainwater into electricity.

Reyhan is the youngest girl entrepreneur participating in Global Entrepreneurship  summit at Hyderabad in India.  She has been hogging the limelight ever since the summit started.

In her keynote address, Ivanka Trump made a special mention about Reyhan’s innovative work and her passion to help her community. Hailing from Gabala city in Azerbaijan, she came up with a device that converts rainwater into electricity.

She also founded a company, appropriately called “Rainergy.” “Actually, I got this idea from my father. When people can produce solar energy, then why not from rain was my question. Rainwater has a huge potential if utilised in a right manner,” Reyhan told media there.

The device that this Class IX student designed consists of four main parts – a rain collector, water tank, electricity generator and battery.

The rain collector fills the tank with rain water, which then goes through an electricity generator at high speed, creating electricity. The battery stores the energy and helps in lighting up houses in under-served communities.




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