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Death penalty sought in Saudi cleric trial

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Published on September 09, 2018 with No Comments

The trial of Saudi religious scholar Salman Al Awda has opened in the capital Riyadh in the presence of relatives and the media. The public prosecutor sought the death penalty. The prosecution presented 37 charges against Al Awda, a prominent member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, the organisation banned in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries. Charges levelled against him included repeated attempts to destabilise the nation, revive sedition, incite the community against the rulers, and provoke unrest.

He is also accused of associating with personalities and organisations and holding meetings and conferences in Saudi Arabia and abroad in order to achieve the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood against Saudi Arabia and its rulers. The Brotherhood is banned in Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries and Egypt.

As per reports, Other charges, were calling for changing the Saudi government, establishing the “caliphate” in the Arab world, and promoting it by bringing together youth as a nucleus to topple Arab regimes, holding meetings in several countries and delivering inciting lectures. Al Awda is also accused of calling for the involvement of Saudi Arabia in foreign revolutions and for the kingdom’s support of revolutions in Arab countries. The prosecution said he circulated videos that supported the revolutions and highlighted internal deficiencies and injustices suffered by prisoners.Al Awda was charged with membership in religious unions that clashed with the thoughts of respected senior scholars and sought to undermine the stability of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. The unions supported revolutions and divisions and encouraged resistance to government, it said.


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