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After Pragya Thakur, Another BJP Lawmaker Praises Godse As “Nationalist”

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Published on June 01, 2019 with No Comments

After outrage over the BJP’s Pragya Singh Thakur glorifying Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse, another lawmaker of the party in Madhya Pradesh has described him as a “nationalist”. Usha Thakur, a legislator from Indore, says Godse was “a person who was concerned about the nation throughout his life”.The comment has emerged from another BJP leader despite party president Amit Shah sending notice to Pragya Thakur and Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi saying he would “never forgive leaders who glorified Godse”.

Usha Thakur also said on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, “What the circumstances where due to which Godse took this decision, only he would know. I think you or I should not even comment on it”. Usha Thakur is the vice president of the BJP’s Madhya Pradesh unit. No stranger to controversy, she had sparked a row in 2014 when she said that Muslims should be barred from the “Garba” or a Gujarati dance festival held in several northern states. “We have got data that during the Garba, on an average, four lakh girls convert to Islam every year. So we have started this awareness drive,” she shared with one of the TV channels in India.

A state leader of the BJP called the uproar over her remarks “unwanted controversy” over edited remarks.

“A section of media continuously asks BJP leaders unrestrained questions about Godse. In the current situation, these questions are irrelevant,” said Babu Singh Raghuwanshi, Head of the Madhya Pradesh BJP disciplinary committee. “As far as UshaThakurs video on social media is concerned, I think it is an edited version and an unwanted controversy is being created by just catching a particular word,” he said.

The Congress has challenged the BJP to expel both Usha Thakur and Pragya Thakur. “These statements have revealed the true face of the BJP,” said state Congress spokesman Neelabh Shukla. He also demanded that the two leaders apologise to the nation for their “poisonous” statements.


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