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$300,000 CPP advertisement campaign sparks outrage

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Published on January 13, 2019 with No Comments

A $300,000 advertisement campaign from the Canada Pension Plan being aired at prime-time slots on Canadian television, has been called as a waste of taxpayers’ money by its critics.

The two-month campaign is designed to promote the work of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, using slogans like “investing today for your tomorrow” as a cover of Great Big Sea’s “Ordinary Day” plays in the background. The spots have appeared during breaks in the NFL playoffs and during the IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament.Canadians are required by law to contribute to the CPP, which has critics questioning the need to advertise something they are forced to participate in.

In the new year, the federal government increased the amount for CPP docked off paycheques to 5.1 per cent as part of a one-per-cent increase to be phased in over the next five years.

The investment board, however, has said that the advertisement campaign has nothing to do with the increase or the fact 2019 is an election year. Instead, they say it’s needed to change the public perception of the organization, as internal polls suggest 41 per cent of Canadians believe there won’t be any money left for them when they retire.


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